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Celebrity Beach Soccer Game Scores Big for Autism Awareness

In a thrilling display of sportsmanship and philanthropy, a star-studded celebrity beach soccer game was held at Fort Lauderdale Beach on Sunday 5th of May 2024 for Autism awareness.

The event, hosted by former US Soccer Coach Francis Farberoff, brought together a talented lineup of celebrities to support children with autism in an event that drew a large crowd of enthusiastic fans, all eager to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars in action. And they weren’t disappointed. The game featured an impressive lineup of celebrities, including Douglas Costa, Amauri Nunes, Roberto Trota, Marcel Mahouve, Carlos Zegarra, Thomas Rongen, Adrain Cain, Ted Chronopoulos, Isaac Mizrachi, Javier Soriano, Gabriel Silveira, Antonio Chavez, Cody Valcarcel, Oscar Gil, Aldo Balsano, Michael Butler, Morgan Church, and Ryan Futagaki.

The friendly match was a joy to watch, with the celebrities showcasing their soccer skills and having a blast while doing it. But the real winners were the children with autism, who will benefit from the funds raised through the event.

Autism, a neurological disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behaviour, affects millions of children worldwide. The funds raised through this event will go towards supporting organisations that provide vital resources and services to these children and their families, particularly the Tikvah Center, helping improve education for children with autism spectrum.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to host this event and support such a worthy cause, It’s heartwarming to see so many talented individuals come together to make a difference in the lives of children with autism.

– Francis Farberoff; former US Soccer Coach

The celebrity beach soccer game was a resounding success, with fans and participants alike praising the event for its fun and philanthropic spirit. It was clear that this event would be remembered for a long time to come and not just for the soccer skills on display, but for the positive impact it will have on the lives of children with autism.

Photo credit: @fbsfc


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