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Champions of Europe: SC Braga’s Winning Formula Unveiled!

The 2024 Euro Winners Cup was a thrilling beach soccer tournament that brought together 36 top-division European clubs, 416 players, and 90 matches, culminating in a staggering 746 goals scored. Held in Nazaré, Portugal, from June 7 to 16, the tournament saw Sporting Clube de Braga emerge victorious, claiming their fourth European crown.

SC Braga’s Journey to Victory

Determined to make their mark on the competition from the outset, SC Braga showed their intent by dominating their group stage matches and advancing to the knockouts. Let’s take a closer look at their campaign journey and analyse the factors that contributed to their championship win.

Group Stage Dominance

SC Braga’s journey began in Group C, where they faced Bonyhád BFC, BS Slavia, and Marseille BT. Their opening match against Bonyhád BFC saw them emerge victorious with a resounding 10-1 win. This set the tone for their group stage campaign, as they followed up with an 11-0 thrashing of BS Slavia and a 4-2 win over Marseille BT. SC Braga’s attacking flair and solid defense earned them maximum points, topping their group and advancing to the knockouts.

Round of 16: Pafos FC

In the Round of 16, SC Braga faced Cypriot side Pafos FC. The Portuguese team continued their impressive form, securing a 6-2 win and booking their spot in the quarter-finals.

Quarter-finals: TSOR

The quarter-finals saw SC Braga face TSOR, a tough opponent who pushed them to the limit. However, SC Braga’s determination and skill paid off, as they emerged victorious with a 7-5 win. Filipe Silva’s brace in the final period sealed the deal, sending SC Braga to the semi-finals.

Semi-finals: Recreativo de Huelva

The semi-finals pitted SC Braga against Recreativo de Huelva, a Spanish side known for their defensive prowess. The match was intense, with both teams creating chances. However, SC Braga’s attacking duo of Filipe Silva and Algarvio proved too strong, scoring crucial goals in a 6-4 win.

Final: Lenergy Pisa BS

The final match saw SC Braga secure a 5-3 victory over Italian side Lenergy Pisa BS. The crowd was electric, and the teams gave it their all. SC Braga’s goals came from R. BOKINHA, BÊ MARTINS, LÉO MARTINS, FILIPE SILVA, and PEDRO MANO, whose strikes sealed the win and the championship title. In the end, SC Braga’s superior skill and teamwork paid off, as they emerged victorious and lifted the Euro Winners Cup 2024 trophy.

The Winning Formula

SC Braga’s impressive performance in the Euro Winners Cup 2024 can be attributed to several factors:

  • Attacking flair: SC Braga demonstrated a high-scoring ability, netting 49 goals in 7 matches, with an average of 7 goals per game.
  • Solid defence: They conceded only 17 goals, with an average of 2.4 goals per game, showcasing a robust defence that supported their attacking prowess.
  • Consistency: SC Braga won all their matches, displaying consistency and determination throughout the tournament.
  • Teamwork: SC Braga’s cohesive unit and strategic play were evident in their performances, highlighting the importance of teamwork in their victory.
  • Momentum: Their dominant group stage campaign set the tone for their success, building momentum that carried them through the knockouts.
  • Experience: SC Braga’s familiarity with high-stakes competitions likely played a role in their composure and ability to perform under pressure.
  • Tactical: The team’s tactical approach and in-game decisions likely contributed to their success, showcasing the coach’s expertise.

SC Braga’s campaign to become champions of the Euro Winners Cup 2024 was nothing short of impressive. Their dominance in the group stage and skills display in the knockouts made them a formidable opponent for any team. It was clear that SC Braga were the deserving champions.

Photo Credits: BSWW


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