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Beach Soccer Rankings Explained!

The Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) ranking system is a comprehensive method for evaluating the performance of national teams in beach soccer. Introduced in February 2014, the rankings takes into account points earned from various events, weighted to emphasise recent performances. Lets dive into a simplified breakdown:

Points Distribution

  • Teams earn points based on their final position in each event.
  • Higher tier events (e.g., FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup) award more points than lower tier events.
  • Points are distributed as follows:
    • FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup: 1750 (champions) to 115 (16th place)
    • World Beach Games: 600 (champions) to 40 (16th place)
    • Continental championships: 550 (champions) to 55 (16th place)
    • Intercontinental Cup: 450 (champions) to 90 (8th place)
    • Continental leagues and cups: 400 (champions) to 60 (16th place)
    • Friendly matches: 10 (win) to 2 (loss)

Points Weighting and Assessment Periods

  • Only points earned in the last four years count towards ranking.
  • Points are weighted as follows:
    • Last 12 months: 100%
    • 1-2 years ago: 75%
    • 2-3 years ago: 50%
    • 3-4 years ago: 25%

Ranking Leaders

The BSWW World Rankings has had three teams at the top spot since its inception: Russia, Portugal, and Brazil.

  • Russia (2014-2016, 2021-2022): Held the number one spot for a total of 44 months, cumulatively.
  • Portugal (2016-2017, 2020-2021, 2022-2023): Spent a total of 32 months at the top.
  • Brazil (2017-2020, 2023-present): Currently holds the top spot, having spent a record 49 months at number one.

Movers of the Month

  • This commendation, awarded (2015 to 2021) to recognise the team that moved up the rankings the most or gained the most points in a month.

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In addition to the men’s national team world rankings, BSWW publishes several other rankings as listed below. These rankings are used to seed teams in BSWW competitions and determine the number of clubs that qualify from each country’s domestic league into a continental competition, such as the Euro Winners Cup.

  • Women’s National Teams: Ranked based on recent performances in the Women’s Euro Beach Soccer Cup, World Beach Games, and qualifiers.
  • Men’s Clubs: Ranked based on recent performances in the Euro Winners Cup, Copa Libertadores, Mundialito de Clubes, and World Winners Cup.
  • Women’s Clubs: Ranked based on recent performances in the Women’s Euro Winners Cup and World Winners Cup.
  • Men’s National Associations (Europe only): Ranked based on recent performances of the clubs representing them in the Euro Winners Cup, determining which European leagues have the best quality of clubs.

While the rankings are updated periodically by BSWW (Beach Soccer Worldwide) to evaluate teams’ performance in beach soccer. However, the rules and criteria may be subject to change by BSWW from time to time. The explanations provided above are intended to give players and fans a basic understanding of the points distribution and weighting system, allowing them to better appreciate their teams’ achievements.

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