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Analysis of the latest Beach Soccer Rankings, World Cup Qualifier Predictions.

With the latest rankings from Beach Soccer Worldwide and the World Cup qualifiers on the horizon, we’re back to examine the current trends of the game.

Building on our last analysis in March, where we explored the national team rankings, highlighted the dominance of Brazil and Italy in the men’s category and Spain’s stronghold in the women’s category. In this edition, the analysis will again highlight consistency, emerging powers, and competitive balance. Join us as we dive into the trends, insights and attempt to predict the outcomes of the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

Men’s Category

  • Consistency at the Top: Brazil and Italy maintain their top positions, showcasing their dominance in the sport.
  • Emerging Powers: Belarus, Colombia, Tahiti, and Argentina have moved up the rankings, indicating growth and improvement in their beach soccer programs.
  • Competitive Balance: The top 6 teams have maintained their positions, suggesting a stable balance among the elite teams.
  • Global Representation: 12 countries from 4 continents are represented in the top 15, highlighting the sport’s global reach.
  • Challenges for Established Teams: The United States has dropped three places, indicating a need for improvement.

Women’s Category

  • Consistency at the Top: Spain remains at the top, solidifying their position as the leading women’s beach soccer team.
  • No Changes: The top 15 teams have maintained their positions, indicating a lack of significant movement in the women’s rankings.
  • Competitive Balance: The top 5 teams have a significant points gap, suggesting a need for other teams to catch up.
  • Global Representation: 12 countries from 4 continents are represented, showcasing the sport’s global growth.
  • Challenges for Established Teams: The lack of changes in the rankings may indicate a need for more competitive matches and tournaments to stimulate growth.

Overall Analysis

The latest BSWW National Teams ranking update highlights the consistency of top teams in both men’s and women’s categories. While emerging powers are making their mark in the men’s category, the women’s category remains stable. The global representation in both categories is encouraging, but competitive balance and challenges for established teams are areas to watch. As beach soccer continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how teams adapt and evolve to stay competitive.

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World Cup Qualifiers

With the qualifiers around the corner, here are some predictions:

  • Europe:
    • Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland are expected to dominate and secure qualification spots.
    • Belarus, no longer an underdog, and Ukraine will also contend for the 4 available slots.
  • South America:
    • Brazil has a guaranteed spot in Seychelles 2025.
    • Colombia, Argentina, and Paraguay will battle for the remaining 2 spots.
  • North America:
    • The United States will face tough qualification road but are more likely to make an appearance.
    • Mexico and El Salvador will compete for the last spot.
  • Africa:
    • Senegal only African nation in the top 15, has a strong chance of qualifying.
    • The remaining slot is unpredictable, with several competitive teams closing up in the region.
  • Asia:
    • Japan, Iran, and the UAE are strong contenders and favourites to pick up the 3 qualifications.
    • Oman lurks as a dark horse, capable of surprising opponents.
  • Oceania:
    • Tahiti is expected to be the sole representative unless they withdraw.

These predictions set the stage for an exciting World Cup qualifier campaign. Will established powers maintain their grip, or will emerging teams shake up the beach soccer landscape?.

Women’s Category
As we analyse the latest national team rankings, one thing is clear- the women’s major international competition category is ripe for a World Cup. The consistency in their participation, spread and stable rankings demonstrate the growth and potential of women’s beach soccer. It’s time for FIFA to acknowledge and introduce the Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup. The women’s game has made significant strides, and a World Cup would be a fitting culmination of their hard work and dedication.


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