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The Goalkeeper is Key to a Beach Soccer Team’s Success” – Claude Barrabé

France’s national beach soccer team, led by coach Claude Barrabé, is gearing up for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Seychelles 2025. 

With a wealth of experience in the sport, Barrabé emphasises the crucial role of goalkeepers in beach soccer. In an interview with FIFA, he shares his thoughts on France’s chances, team dynamics, and the importance of goalkeeper skills.

Barrabé, a former goalkeeper himself, believes that the position is the most important in beach soccer. He highlights the need for goalkeepers to be skilled with their feet, charismatic, and able to adapt to different formations. France’s current goalkeepers, German Salazar and Theo Guerin, are improving and showing promise. The team, relatively young, Barrabé focuses on player development and a well-established game plan. He acknowledges the physicality of modern beach soccer and the importance of formations like the 1-2-2 and 1-3-1. France’s ambition is to advance to the World Cup, and Barrabé is confident in his team’s abilities.

The article also touches on France’s past struggles, including a long period without qualifying for the World Cup. Barrabé attributes this to the team’s rebuilding phase, with many players being amateurs with real jobs. Despite these challenges, he remains optimistic about France’s chances. Key players like German Salazar, Quentin Gosselin, Jeremy Bru, and young talent Aness Gharbi form the spine of the team. Barrabé has considered bringing in former professional footballers, like Guillaume Hoarau, to add experience and skill.

The article concludes with Barrabé’s thoughts on the upcoming World Cup in Seychelles, where he hopes France will be one of the four European teams to participate. With his experience and expertise, Barrabé is determined to lead France to success in the beautiful surroundings of the Seychelles.

Claude Barrabé’s legacy extends far beyond his playing career. Through his work as a FIFA beach soccer technical expert and his tireless efforts to develop the sport in Africa, he has inspired a new generation of players and coaches. And who knows, maybe one day France will reclaim its title as beach soccer world champions, a feat they first achieved in 2005 when they won the inaugural FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Until then, Claude Barrabé’s contributions to the sport will remain an integral part of its history and future.

Read the original interview with Claude Barrabé here FIFA
Picture & Video Credits: FIFA Training Centre

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