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Your Travel Guide to Seychelles 2025: 7 Essential Steps.

In this article, I’ll take you through my curated 7 essential steps to attending the Beach Soccer World Cup in Seychelles. From determining your budget to experiencing the trip of a lifetime, let’s dive in and start planning your adventure to the Seychelles.

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the thrill of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup firsthand, from cheering on my favourite team as a fan to covering the event as a member of the media. My most recent adventure took me to Dubai for the 12th edition, a city naturally with stunning beaches and a vibrant atmosphere that electrified the match venue, and I experienced all games from the VIP stand (media tribune) .. lol. With unforgettable memories still fresh, I’m excited to share my experience and insights to help you plan your adventure at the 13th edition in Seychelles.

7 Steps to Attending the Beach Soccer World Cup in Seychelles

Step 1: Determine Budget
Step 2: Define Priorities
Step 3: Request Game Tickets
Step 4: Get Travel Documents
Step 5: Determine Transportation
Step 6: Book Accommodations
Step 7: Experience the Trip of a Lifetime

By following these 7 steps, you’ll be well-prepared for an amazing adventure at the Beach Soccer World Cup in Seychelles.

Step 1: Determine Budget

Wondering how much money you’ll need to make the most of this incredible experience? The answer depends on your priorities and travel style. Do you want to attend all 10 days of the tournament or just a few matches? Will you travel in luxury or on a lean budget? And will you want to explore side attractions and experiences beyond the tournament itself? Here’s a breakdown of items to help you plan and save for your holiday trip to experience the 13th FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Seychelles:

  • Calculate how much money you’ll need (These costs below are only a guide, actuals depend on individual’s preference):
    • Documentations (see step 4)
    • Travel (return flights): $500-$2,000
    • Match Tickets (see step 3)
    • Accommodations (hostels, hotels, Airbnb): $60-$250 per night
    • Food and drinks: avg. $5-$15 per meal
    • Local Transportation (taxis, car rentals): $10-$50 per day
    • Activities and sightseeing: avg. $15-$50 per tour
  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it.
  • Utilise hotel points or airline miles to subsidise your trip.
  • Start saving now and frequently, the event is Just about a year.

Step 2: Define Priorities

It’s time to define your priorities, what matters most to you? Is it watching all the games at the world cup or specific team, exploring the Seychelles and visiting attractions?, or simply experiencing the electric atmosphere of the tournament? Your priorities will serve as a guide for the rest of your planning, influencing your decisions on match ticket, travel and accommodation duration. By defining your priorities, you’ll be able to make informed choices and maximise your experience in Seychelles. Let’s dive in and explore your options:

  • Determine what matters most:
    • Watching a specific team or game
    • Exploring the host city, visiting specific Island or landmarks
    • Attending just any game or simply experiencing the atmosphere
  • This will guide your decisions on:
    • Ticket sales (which games to prioritise)
    • Local Travel (where to go and how to get there)
    • Accommodations (location and amenities)
  • If you prioritise a specific team or game:
    • Wait for the World Cup draw and Phase 2 ticket sales
    • Plan your travel and accommodations around the team’s schedule
  • If you prioritise exploring the host city, or visiting specific Islands:
    • Use the preliminary schedule to plan your itinerary
    • Research the host city, landmarks and Islands to visit, you can find valuable information on the official tourism site for Seychelles.
  • If you have no preference:
    • Focus on Phase 1 ticket sales for the best chance of getting tickets
    • Be flexible with travel and accommodations

Step 3: Request Game Tickets

Registering your interest in tickets now will give you a head start in the ticket application process, and understanding the different ticket sales is important. Be prepared to act fast, sales can open and close quickly.

  • Register your interest in tickets now on the FIFA official site to receive information on how to apply for FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Seychelles 2025™ tickets
  • Understand the different ticket sales, usually prices are categorised as follows:
    • Group Stage
    • Quater Finals
    • Semi Finals
    • Final
      The last edition in Dubai had tickets priced in local currency at 20 AED for Group and Quarter-stages, semi-stage for 30 AED and 40 AED for the finals.
  • Request tickets according to your priorities and phase requirements
  • Be prepared for ticket sales to open and close quickly
  • Look out for package deals that include tickets and accommodations
  • Accessibility tickets are usually available at the stadium Tickets Box office on match day for free, along with one free ticket for one companion.

Step 4: Get Travel Documents

A visa is not required to visit the Seychelles, however, every non-citizen must apply for a Travel Authorisation before arrival in Seychelles as per Immigration procedures.

  • Visitors mandatory documents
    • Valid Passport
    • Selfie
    • Contact Information
    • Trip information
      • Airline booking confirmation – upload a copy of your airline booking confirmation which clearly shows your arrival and departure dates
      • Accommodation booking confirmation – upload booking confirmation(s) for each location of your stay in Seychelles. This must include the name of the hotel/guesthouse, boat charter name or name of employer. If you’re visiting friends and family, provide a letter of invitation
    • Credit or debit card information
  • Make photocopies of important documents and leave with a trusted friend or family member
  • Apply at the Seychelles Electronic Border System Official Government Website. You may also wish to download the Seychelles e-Border mobile app.
  • For more information, please check with FIFA and the host country for updates on travel requirements at the Seychelles Immigration website.

Step 5: Determine Transportation

In this step, you’ll determine how you’ll arrive in the host country, and also explore your means of local transport options to accommodation and moving around the the city, including the other islands, if that’s part of your plan.

  • The Seychelle is an Island nation, so that limits the option to flight, equally local transport is limited as hailing taxies do not operate in Seychelles but pre-booked taxi operators and car rentals.
    • Flights
    • Car rentals
  • You may opt for walkable locations
  • Use miles or credit card points to reduce flight costs
  • Be flexible with connections and layovers to save money
  • Use flight tracking apps and websites to find the best deals

Step 6: Book Accommodations

  • Research and book accommodations early to ensure availability and the best rates
  • Consider:
    • Hotels
    • Hostels
    • Airbnb
    • Other options to save money or enjoy luxury
  • Be prepared for higher rates during the tournament
  • Read reviews and check the location and amenities before booking. Here I’ll recommend and Airbnb.

Step 7: Experience the Trip of a Lifetime

  • Pack accordingly and get ready for adventure
  • Enjoy the beautiful game and the cultural exchange with fans from around the world
  • Create lifelong memories and friendships
  • Embrace the unique experiences and challenges that come with attending the World Cup
  • Be open-minded and flexible
  • Take plenty of photos and share your experiences on social media

By following these steps and considering these factors, you’ll be well-prepared for an amazing adventure at the Beach Soccer World Cup.

Ready to experience your beach soccer adventure in Seychelles? click here to let me know, and I’d love to help you get there.

Picture Credits: Tourism Seychelles, Freepik


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