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UAE 2024: Stats Update Heading into Knockout Rounds.

With 24 games played in the group stages, the intensity of the competition reaches new heights with numbers providing a comprehensive overview of the tournament dynamics heading into the quarter-finals.

From passes and goals to disciplinary actions and set plays, each statistic paints a vivid picture of the excitement and drama unfolding. Let’s dive into the statistical breakdown, analysing key metrics and noteworthy performances that have shaped the tournament thus far.


  • Passes: A total of 10,439 passes have been distributed throughout the tournament, with an average of 435 passes per match. Brazil leads the charge with an impressive 808 passes.
  • Passes Completed: Teams have completed 9,105 passes in total, averaging 379.4 completed passes per match. Brazil tops this statistic with 753 passes completed.
  • Crosses: No crosses have been recorded so far in the tournament.


  • Goals: A total of 166 goals have been scored, averaging 6.9 goals per match. Iran holds the record for the highest number of goals scored with 17 in total.
  • Attempts at Goal: Teams have made 2,011 attempts at goal throughout the tournament, with an average of 83.8 attempts per match. Brazil leads with 165 attempts.
  • Attempts at Goal on Target: Out of 703 attempts at goal on target, Iran leads with 59 attempts.
  • Attempts at Goal off Target: Teams have made 882 attempts at goal off target, with an average of 36.8 attempts per match. Brazil holds the record with 73 attempts.
  • Headed Attempts at Goal: A total of 121 headed attempts at goal have been recorded, with Tahiti leading with 15 attempts.
  • Attempts at Goal Inside/Outside the Penalty Area: Teams have made 1,393 attempts at goal inside the penalty area and 618 attempts outside the area. Brazil leads with 127 attempts inside, while Iran leads with 54 attempts outside the penalty area.


  • Fouls Against: A total of 307 fouls have been recorded, with an average of 12.8 fouls per match. The USA leads with 32 fouls.
  • Yellow Cards: Teams have received 82 yellow cards in total, averaging 3.4 yellow cards per match. Senegal tops this statistic with 9 yellow cards.
  • Red Cards: Eight red cards have been issued, averaging 0.3 red cards per match. Brazil holds 2 of these cards.
  • Offsides: No offsides have been recorded in the tournament.

Set Plays:

  • Goal Kicks: Teams have taken 932 goal kicks, with an average of 38.8 goal kicks per match. The USA leads with 76 goal kicks.
  • Corners: A total of 232 corners have been awarded, averaging 9.7 corners per match. The United Arab Emirates tops this statistic with 23 corners.
  • Free Kicks: Teams have been awarded 282 free kicks, averaging 11.8 free kicks per match. Belarus leads with 26 free kicks.
  • Throw-ins: A total of 683 throw-ins have been recorded, with an average of 28.5 throw-ins per match. Iran leads with 63 throw-ins.

Penalties: Fourteen penalties have been awarded, averaging 0.6 penalties per match. Japan has got 2 penalties.

As the tournament progresses into the knockout stage, fans can expect more thrilling moments and record-breaking performances in numbers.



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