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Surprises in 2nd round of the 2023 Nigeria Beach Soccer League

The second phase of the 2023 season of the Nigeria Beach Soccer League was in Kaduna over the weekend and treated fans to captivating matches and unexpected victories. The event saw debutants shock defending champions in nail-biting penalty shootouts with the presence of the newly elected Governor of Kaduna State.

Host Team’s Triumph on Opening Day
The host team, Kada BSC, set the stage with a hard-fought 3-2 victory against Nmanko Patigi BSC from Kwara State. Momoh Sani Suleiman and Dozie Frank’s early goals provided Kada BSC with a comfortable lead, and despite Nmanko Patigi’s relentless efforts, Dozie Frank’s second goal secured the win for the host team.

Kebbi United BSC
The underdog Kebbi United BSC demonstrated a show of strength by securing a 3-0 triumph over their opponents, Smart City BSC. This victory further puts Kebbi United in pole position as a formidable team in the league.

Debutant takes on Africa’s no.1 ranked club
The highlight of the evening was the clash between the Kebbi Fishers and the debutant team Ibom BSC. In a thrilling back-and-forth battle, Kebbi BSC emerged triumphant with a 5-3 victory. Adams Taiwo’s hat-trick played a pivotal role in securing the win for Kebbi BSC, while Ibom BSC displayed remarkable resilience with goals from Emem Obong Bassey, Elijah Eboh, and Sani Hassan.

Support from the Government and Coaches’ Insights
Senator Sani Uba, the new Governor of Kaduna State who performed the ceremonial kick-off, expressed his pride in Kaduna hosting the event and emphasized the significance of nurturing youth talent. Coaches Kabiru Isa of Kada BSC and Lawal Olalekan of Nmanko Patigi BSC shared their insights, with Coach Isa attributing his team’s success to favourable sand conditions and Coach Olalekan remaining optimistic despite the loss.

Kebbi Derby
First-ever Kebbi Derby in the Nigeria Beach Soccer League took place on Sunday in Kaduna and went to the wire with Kebbi Fishers securing a convincing 4-1 victory over Kebbi United after a penalty shootout to maintain its unbeaten run in the 2023 league season.

Turning Point for the Debutant Team
In a remarkable turn of events, debutant Ibom BSC shocked Kada BSC with a 6-5 victory in a thrilling penalty shootout. This hard-fought point marked a turning point for Ibom BSC after a series of winless games, while Kada BSC showcased their determination by forcing the match into extra time.

Current Standings and Outlook
After three match days in Kaduna, Kebbi BSC maintains their top position with a four-point lead, followed closely by Nmanko Patigi BSC in second place. Kebbi United BSC drops to third, Kada BSC secures the fourth spot, and Ibom BSC climbs to fifth after earning their first point. Smart City BSC finds itself at the bottom of the table.

The league now progress to the final stage scheduled for Lagos, fans can anticipate more exciting moments and intense competition as teams battle for supremacy on the sandy pitches. The remarkable performances of debutant teams and the competitiveness of established teams add to the excitement of the league, showcasing the growing popularity and talent of beach soccer in Nigeria.


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