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RANKINGS UPDATED! Brazil, Spain Maintain Dominance.

Others Experience Shifts in the Latest Beach Soccer World Rankings.

In the recent update of the BSWW ranking for national teams, Brazil and Spain stand firm at the top of the men’s and women’s categories, showcasing their continued dominance. However, several teams have witnessed shifts in both points and ranking positions, adding an element of unpredictability to the global beach soccer scene.

Men’s National Teams:

  • Brazil (2549 points): Holds the lead, but some teams are closing in on their dominance.
  • Spain (2307 points): Climbs from 3rd to 2nd position, showcasing increased competitive stance.
  • Portugal (2209 points): Retains a spot in the top three, but experiences a slight decrease in points, sharing the spot with Russia.
  • Paraguay (1825 points): Despite a strong performance in recent events, held still at the 4th position. in the ranking.
  • UAE (1458 points): Holds steady in the top 10 in the 8th position but faces challenges from ascending teams.
  • Senegal (1420 points): Climbs a point into the 9th position, maintaining their position in the Top 10, signalling their continued emergence as a force.

Women’s National Teams:

  • Spain (1800 points): Continues to dominate, yet faces increased competition from other top contenders.
  • England (876 points): Maintains the second spot but experiences a decrease in points.
  • Ukraine (849 points): Holds onto a top-three position along Russia, but faces pressure from advancing teams.
  • Portugal (817): Nothing changes in point and ranking at 4th position.
  • Brazil (535): Drops from 6th to 8th position, a tough one for the powerhouse.
  • Italy and the United States climb into 6th and 7th positions, challenging the order.
  • El Salvador (345 points): Maintains their Top 10 status in their 10th position.

Teams Facing Challenges:

  • Argentina (Men’s – 14th, Women’s – 16th): Signalling a need for improvement.
  • Oman (Men’s – 18th): Experiences a decline in points and ranking position.
  • Paraguay (Women’s – 19th): Faces challenges, dropping points and slipping in the rankings.

Overall Analysis:

  • Consistency at the Top: Both Brazil and Spain’s men’s and women’s teams showcase remarkable consistency, a testament to their sustained excellence.
  • Emerging Powers: The rise of Senegal and El Salvador in the men’s and women’s rankings, respectively, adds excitement and unpredictability to future tournaments. with new teams consistently making their mark in the top 10.
  • Competitive Balance: The close point differentials among top teams underline the fierce competition in beach soccer, making each match a thrilling encounter. The shifts in rankings highlight the intensifying competition in beach soccer, with teams constantly fighting to up their positions.
  • Global Representation: The rankings reflect the dynamic nature of beach soccer, with teams from various continents contributing to the competitive landscape. The inclusion of teams like Senegal, UAE, and El Salvador in the top rankings emphasizes the global nature of beach soccer, with diverse nations making significant strides.
  • Challenges for Established Teams: Established teams such as Uruguay (Men), Argentina (women), and Paraguay (Women) face decline, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement.

As teams strive for excellence in upcoming competitions, the beach soccer community can anticipate thrilling matches, with established powerhouses defending their positions and emerging teams ready to challenge the status quo, seeking to make their mark on the global stage.



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