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 Moldova’s Beach Soccer Stadium Awarded

Moldova’s commitment to sports infrastructure development has been recognised globally as the nation’s Multi-purpose Beach Soccer Stadium secured its place among the top three awardees at the FIFA Forward Awards 2023.

The FIFA Forward Awards, an initiative introduced by the FIFA Europe Sub-division, aims to acknowledge and reward outstanding infrastructure projects implemented under the FIFA Forward Development program by European Member Associations.

Out of the 21 applications received for the inaugural edition of the awards, Moldova’s facility emerged as a standout contender. The selection process involved a meticulous review of the submitted materials by a jury panel consisting of industry experts, football stakeholders, UEFA, FIFA, National Development Agencies, and renowned consultants.

The facility, a project in Moldova stands as a testament to the nation’s dedication to promoting beach soccer and fostering sporting excellence, not only showcases state-of-the-art facilities but also demonstrates Moldova’s commitment to utilising the FIFA Forward Development program to drive progress in sports infrastructure.

The 1100-seater stadium in the La Izvor Park of Chișinău, designed with careful consideration for functionality and aesthetics, the Multi-purpose Beach Soccer Stadium in Moldova offers a versatile space that can accommodate various sporting events and activities. The facility is equipped with top-tier amenities, including pristine playing surfaces, spectator seating areas, modern dressing rooms, and cutting-edge lighting and sound systems. And its strategic location provides convenient access for both athletes and spectators, further enhancing the overall experience. The facility has hosted grade-A matches such as the 2021 Euro Beach Soccer League and others.

This recognition further highlights the nation’s pursuit of excellence in sports infrastructure. This achievement not only celebrates the efforts of the architects, engineers, and construction teams involved in bringing the project to life but also acknowledges the vision and commitment of the Moldovan Football Association (MFA) to promoting beach soccer and providing world-class facilities for athletes and fans alike. The facility serves as a catalyst for inspiring future generations of athletes, encouraging grassroots development, and fostering a vibrant sporting culture in Moldova standing as a proud symbol of Moldova’s dedication to promoting sporting achievements and contributing to the growth and development of the beautiful game.


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