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Club Beach Soccer on the Rise: Corporate Partnerships Fuel Kebbi Beach Soccer’s Growth.

From Local Contenders to Global Titans, Kebbi Beach Soccer Club stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustained corporate sponsorship, shaping not just a team, but a legacy of excellence.

Anchored by the unwavering support of WACOT Rice and Big Bull Rice, the Birnin-Kebbi-based club has undergone a meteoric evolution, ascending from local contenders to global titans, driven by an unyielding partnership. 

The roots of this success story trace back to the inception of the sponsorship of Cosgrove and Bam Projects, and now a long-time alliance with WACOT Rice as the official food partner and kit sponsor. Since then, the club’s trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. 

A pivotal milestone emerged as the team made their appearance at the 2019 World Winners Cup in Alanya, followed by their participation at the Copa Lagos Beach Soccer. Subsequently, they achieved their maiden victory in the 2021 Nigeria National League, establishing the cornerstone for their pursuit of excellence.

Fuelled by this initial success and fortified by WACOT Rice corporate backing, Kebbi BSC broke barriers once more in the 2023 season,  securing their second Nigerian title, a feat that echoed their sustained progress. The indomitable spirit nurtured by this long-standing partnership propelled them beyond national borders, steering them towards the prestigious 2023 World Winners Cup in Alghero, Italy.

On the global stage, Kebbi BSC’s journey unfolded as the club’s progression under the wings of corporate sponsorship. Their unprecedented advancement to the Round of 16 illuminated their evolution, transforming them from contenders to formidable competitors on the international beach soccer landscape. The enduring support of their sponsors elevates the club’s aspirations and achievements.

Kebbi BSC Chairman visit to Italian Ambassador to Nigeria, De Stefano De Leo
BSWW President Joan Cuscoo with Kebbi BSC during the 2023 World Winners Cup Alghero
Kebbi BSc Chairman with TGI Group during the signing of a four-year sponsorship with Wacot Rice Limited

The impact of corporate backing reverberated further through the rankings unveiled by Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW). For the third consecutive year, Kebbi BSC stood tall as Africa’s leading team, an accomplishment solidified by their global ranking position. Their growth, a direct result of their stellar showing at the World Winners Cup, reinforces the transformative influence of long-term sponsorship.

Beyond rankings and victories, the sustained partnership between Kebbi BSC and WACOT Rice epitomizes the synergy of sporting ambition and corporate patronage. It’s a saga that transcends wins and losses, illustrating how steadfast support has become the bedrock of the club’s progressive journey.

In the narrative of Kebbi BSC, the legacy they’ve crafted isn’t just about trophies, it’s a tale of evolution. It underscores how enduring sponsorship paves the path for local beach soccer clubs to evolve into internationally recognized formidable forces. As the club’s journey continues, its story remains a testament to the transformative potential of steadfast corporate backing.

The club indeed understands the power of strategic partnerships.

By Oluwaseun Oyediji

Photo Credit: BSWW


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